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Fed up with ineffective online advertising campaigns? Bored with costly traffic generation efforts? Scared with huge cash and time investments in brand-building? We can help with our Smart Content Solutions.

Hot branding solution: viral marketing

Viral marketing induces web users to pass on a marketing message. Viral marketing is a specific promotional strategy which relies on individuals to spread a message, call for a response, or induce an action or reaction.

Viral Marketing not actually “marketing” – it is a descriptive term to describe promotional tactics that rapidly spread a message with voluntary and discretionary involvement of any group, its members and group opinion leaders.

Properly managed, and a part of a larger, coordinated Marketing Plan, Viral Marketing can create explosive growth, extraordinary sales and profound brand equity.

Viral contents really matter

Time to go viral now!

With the viral contents that we will create for you, your target customers, among the large audience all over the world, will get to know about your company and your offerings. Awesome blog posts, social posts, video clips, slideshows or images can be used to spread your message quickly and widely and then it is continuously shared by the audience that it reaches.

Good structure and implementation guarantees a viral content to be a constant buzz. Engagement resulting from an online sensation can last for months or years. Get the audience excited about your business with amazing contents. Time to make a big voice now by going viral!

Full-Service Viral Marketing Consultant

Smart Content Marketing and Inbound Solutions that optimize branding and sales promotion efforts

Viral Advertising

We help you tell a story that is engaging to your potential customers, who will then be convinced and decide to buy from you naturally.

Engaging Content Production

Your contents do not hit? So much advertising, or so much telling about staffs your audience does not like. Time to change!

Traffic Generation

You do not attract enough traffic to your website/blog/fanpage? We will drive a lot of traffic to you at no cost!

Lead Generation

Total inbound marketing solutions to generate sales accepted leads and deliver customer conversion optimization for your business.

Growth Hacking Solutions

Leveraging marketing automation and viral marketing tools, we create to a launch-pad for your startup business development and growth.

Image Restoration Solutions

Our image restoration solutions work to prevent/mitigate severe reputational damages from communication crises online/offline.

Copywriter không thể bỏ qua cuốn sách này: "Phương pháp quảng cáo thực nghiệm"

Nguyên tác: “Tested Advertising Methods” của tác giả John Caples, do chúng tôi dịch sang tiếng Việt dưới bút danh Gia Văn

Tại sao có một bài quảng cáo bán được hơn 19,5 lần so với một bài khác? Kỹ năng copywriting (viết lời quảng cáo) quyết định sự hiệu quả của bài quảng cáo. Vào giữa những năm 1920 sôi động, ở tuổi 25, chàng trai trẻ John Caples nhút nhát tại thành phố New York đã bắt đầu viết nên những trang sử đầu tiên của ngành khoa học quảng cáo, mà những đúc kết của ông vẫn luôn hiệu quả và nở rộ trong thời đại kỹ thuật số hiện nay.

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