What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing is getting people to spread your message for you willingly. Imagine you just published an awesome post, people love what they see and they start to inform others about it thus driving loads of traffic to your site. If the message continues to spread from others to another person, the message is considered “going viral”.

Word of mouth advertising is powerful

Viral marketing relies heavily on word of mouth marketing. There is no limit on the amount of traffic you will get as you wouldn’t have known how many people are spreading the message for you. Viral marketing is the most effective if you are able to create a “buzz” on the internet. Most people are curious, if they receive the message from somebody they know or trust, they are most likely eager to find out what’s the “buzz” behind.

Advantages of using viral marketing

There are several advantages in using viral marketing:

  • It is Fast and effective

– It’s a very effective and fast way to promote your site if you did something right. You will get lots of traffic if you find a lot people promoting your site or blog. The snowball will roll fast once the message starts to pick up in size and speed. You’ll be surprised to find out there is a jump in your traffic stats the next morning when you open up your analytics.

  • It is Inexpensive

– There is not much cost involved besides the initial set-up and running costs, people are responsible for it as they are spreading the word for you. It depends on the techniques that you are using, some may be free while some are not, but it will not cost you anything once the message goes viral.

  • Unveiled Hidden customers

– You can attract hidden customers. Targeting the right people to buy your products is the most difficult if you are earning an income with your blog. Viral marketing can help you to attract your potential customers. As the message continue to spread on what you are offering, you do not have to find your customers, they’ll naturally look for you when they got the message.

  • Reduce negative comments

– There is a higher tendency for people to spread around if they are unhappy about something more than the time they are happy, you can reduce or eliminate negative comments if the message people are spreading is mostly positive. It’s much more difficult to get out of it if a negative message starts to spread around.

How do you get your message to go viral?

There is no guaranteed technique that will make your message go viral, it takes time, skills, and sometimes a bit of luck but there are some that may increase your chances to make it take off. You may try different ways without much success but you may find one that strikes a jackpot unexpectedly. Below are 10 techniques you can try to generate your viral traffic.

1. Quality content, services or products

This is the basis and the foundation that your potential customers look to buy from you. By providing quality products and services your reputation will be built. If people are happy with your products, they tend to recommend you to people they know. They themselves will become repeat visitors or customers to you.

2. Give something free

People love freebies. However your product must not be a trash, people will start to stay away from you if you provide a trash product. What you decide to give away must be something that is relevant and adds value to people. They have to feel worthwhile to pass the information to other people.

3. Create a video clip

Make a video clip and post it on youtube. Your video clip must be something creative or fresh that can attract plenty of views. Make sure its not something repeated. Be sure to add your URL with the video clip. If your video goes viral, be prepared to see a lot traffic to your site.

4. Write an ebook

Write an ebook and offer it downloadable for free. Your ebook must be relevant and something that relates to your niche. If you want to spread the influence as wide as possible, encourage those who like it to offer it as a gift on their website as well. If your ebook is well written and useful, plenty of people will help to promote it.

5. Make Use of Social Bookmarking Sites

Join popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Del.ico.us or Stumble Upon. If one of your posts is posted on any one of these sites, people can vote or rate it. If it is something good and people like it, people will vote for it. You will see your rankings going up if more people vote for it. More people will see your post if your ranking goes higher.

6. Writing Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs or websites can gain you lots of exposure. Not only will you attract traffic to your blog, your blog will be promoted if people like what they see.

7. Running a Contest

Running a contest on your site will make people take note of your site, especially if your contest comes with a prize. People love to win things. The price must be something relevant and useful to the readers. People love to take part in a contest and naturally spreading the message across to people they know. This will make your site go viral and drive loads of traffic in.

8. Build a community

As a blogger, you are not alone. Building a community around your niche has a lot of advantages. One of them is helping each other to spread the message virally. One way to build a community is to set up a forum in your site and encourage interaction.

9. Submit Your Posts to Ezine Articles or Articles Directory

Write a post and submit it to Ezine articles or any other article directory. This is one way to establish yourself as an expert and gain more exposure. If your article is good, there is a chance it may end up on one of the social bookmarking sites and your name and URL will also be included in your articles. People choose to visit your site as they like what they read. Your site will go viral if they like what they see.

10. Affiliate program for people to market your products or services

If you have a product to sell or a service to provide, setting up an affiliate program is a good way to go viral. Especially if your affiliates have used your products or services and write a good review about it. There are thousands of bloggers who do not have a product to sell and will be glad to join your affiliate program.

And who are we?

ViralContentsAZ is a team of dedicated viral marketers who have a dream of bringing viral marketing into action, in the context of traditional costly advertising approaches. We have deep insight into engagement motivations of Internet users with regards to contents distributed online.

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ViralContentsAZ Advertising Agency takes a Strategic, Creative and Multi-Channel Approach by combining Neurosciences, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Local Marketing, and Video Production to drive potential customers to you.

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We have extensive knowledge and experience in viral marketing.

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Emotion, inspiration, practical value, storytelling, unusualness, uniqueness, visual impact, etc. Everything that makes your contents suck and viral.

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Value creation orientation. All what we do is aimed to create value for our customers at optimal costs for them.

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Passion-based design and production of contents.

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We create viral contents from A to Z

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Passionate about social media users’ motivations for engagement, we have been applying such insights into marketing communications with surprising results. Viral marketing and reputational crisis communication and management are both aspects of viral contents that, if properly leveraged, can nurture branding success.

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